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Composer and Author, Rick Lodie Geelens (Lodie) was born in Heerlen, a town in the South of Limburg, a province in the South of the Netherlands, and he lives in Maastricht, about 15 miles of his hometown.
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Last added Demo-Song:
“You are my favorite song” Written & Recorded: April-2018

More to Come.

Rick Lodie Geelens: Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Instruments, Produced and Arranged.
Thomas Geelens:    E.Lead Guitar on “Going to Nashville” “Stick to your Plan” “Echo from the past” A.Lead Guitar on “Blessed with Blessings” and the intro on “A Lovely Day”.

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Listen to the last added Demo-Song:
“You are my favorite song” Written & Recorded: April 2018

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More to Come…

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